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 Victory Hemp LLC was germinated from an industry wide need for honest, unbiased guidance to help navigate the sometimes murky waters of the nascent hemp industry.  With the ever present concern of who to trust, Victory Hemp LLC serves to act as a compass to guide hemp farmers to success with the help of our network of trusted  industry professionals.

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We are always looking for good folks to work with, whether its for season long employment , internships or volunteering.  Working in hemp production can get your foot in the door to the broader cannabis community.  Reach out! we'd love to hear from you.

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 From sourcing reliable genetics to providing sound advice throughout the growing season to presenting reliable harvesting solutions- we have the experience to help you. Our goal is to ensure you have a successful, high quality hemp harvest.

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Regenerate Maine

 We believe that hemp can have long lasting, positive impacts for Maine farmers and the world at large. 

Not only is this crop a valuable commodity when grown well; it also regenerates overworked & depleted soils while  removing carbon emissions from our atmosphere.

Set High Standards Together

We believe in cooperation. Maine farmers can work together to ensure a sustainable future for Maine grown hemp by supporting a high production and processing standard. 

Create Opportunity

With the hemp industry set to explode with growth in the upcoming years, we work to create opportunities for Maine farmers. We work with companies and ancillary businesses to further the demand for Maine grown hemp.

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