About Us

Fulfilling An Industry Need

  We get the question "How do I get started growing hemp?" all the time. Some folks have a background in farming, or in growing cannabis, or have land and want to utilize it for hemp production.  We work with all skill levels of farmers to grow hemp; helping them to overcome challenges of cultivation, crop maintenance & pest management, harvesting, processing and end product distribution.  

Why We Do What We Do

We want to see you succeed. At Victory Hemp LLC, our first concerns are for  farmers and the land on which this beautiful plant grows. We believe that this plant has the potential to revive Maine's  rural agricultural economy and manufacturing industries. 

Today, we grow hemp for CBD, but the future potential is endless- from food quality grain and hemp seed oil to fiber for textiles, building materials & animal bedding. From biodegradable plastics to biofuels, the the thousands of potential uses for hemp seems endless.

Our Team

Sarah Hewitt

A horticulturist by training, with over 25 years of hands on farming experience in Biodynamic, organic and regenerative agricultural production and consulting, my focus is toward sustainably and responsibly expanding agricultural opportunities in Maine's rural communities. My allegiance is to plants as medicine and I work to educate and advocate for safe and responsible stewardship of our plant allies in healing while being a conscientious steward and engaged political activist for the environment.

Graham Raymond

With 17 years of growing outdoor medical cannabis in Humboldt County I bring the standard organic methods used to produce high quality large scale outdoor. These methods can be adapted to fit most small scale farms. While there are many people interested in planting large scale, I diligently look for the solutions needed to bring your crop to harvest. From the latest in farm equipment adapted to hemp production to harvesting and drying solutions. I want to give you the best chance at a successful season.

Our Hemp History:

2017- First season growing on acreage scale

2018- We grew 7 beautiful acres  and also consulted with a handful of farmers across the state on their small to midscale acreage. Check out our social media to see what we've been up to!