Seed To Sale

 With our finger on the pulse of this growing industry we are able to offer our clients a broad range of services.  We customize our service fee to fit the scope of the project we are working with, working with you to determine your needs and to develop solid strategies to assure your success.

Seed Acquisitions

 Reliable genetics are your first step for a successful season. With so many seed companies out there it can be hard to know who to trust. Victory Hemp LLC has spent the time to create a library of reputable seed sources. These companies are leaders in the industry known for breeding stable high CBD genetics.

* We fear this season there will be a scarcity of reliable seeds contact us today secure your genetics.    

Farm Management Planning

 So you want to farm hemp? Victory Hemp LLC identifies resources to overcome the challenges of cultivation, crop maintenance and pest management, harvesting, processing and end product distribution. Drawing from decades of experience in both the agricultural and cannabis sectors we can provide you with a management plan for success. 

Harvesting Solutions

Drying and harvesting can be the most costly aspect of your growing season. We are diligently working on finding solutions necessary for large scale CBD hemp production. Again, we are finding solutions that are tried and tested to be few and far between. We can asses your situation, help determine your requirements to help assure that crop loss wont be a story you'll be telling. We share what has worked for us and others while we discover more appropriate, vetted and scaled solutions. 

Bringing Your Hemp To Market

Victory Hemp LLC utilizes our connections in the industry to find trustworthy opportunities to market your high quality hemp. Are you looking for production contracts, to process material, sell biomass or start a product line? We can recommend avenues that maximize your efforts.